Syed Fahim Munaim
Quazi Rownaq Hossain
Dr.Abu Sayeed M.Ahmed
Farid Khan
Nahas Ahmed Khalil
Isabell Johne


Well come to our Photo archive and Research Centre . If you need any photo graphs than you can contact with us please. This archive is functioning with the team of five researchers, three architect, two archaeologist, one draftsman, five photographers and one office assistant working under my personal initiative and guidance.

The culture and tradition plays a very vital role for introduction of any Nation. The traditional architectural monuments and structure of Bengal are the reflection of bright and glorious past of Bengali nation. We are trying for a long to uphold and present this glorious past to the people of all spheres of life, future generation and to the world. The architectural monuments and structure of this country is well Kind regards appraised through out of the world for thousand years.

Because whole Bangladesh can be termed as a museum .We are working for a long period on every aspect of historical tradition of Bangladesh. Impact of geography and topography is very important in the history of this country. Many rulers have emerged and vanished in this riverine Bengal. Even than we are holding our tradition and history, because this is what has introduced us to the world. Following the civilization and ancient age we want to make are social movement in the reason and world wide through our research centre and photo archive, which we believe, will open the eyes of every one.

The motto of our origination is to develop and propagate our glorious history and culture in the heart of next generation to love and respect there past.

Director & Photographer
Architectural Photo Specialized

Art Historian